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Training Center Closed March 24th-April 7th

Due to Governor Baker's order on March 23, the training center will be closed starting Tuesday. March 24th.  All in-person training has been canceled.  We will resume our schedule on April 7th, once the ban on non-essential businesses has been lifted.  Please reach out to learn of our other training options. 

Online Training Available

Online Services

TGA Virtual Skill Development is a digital training experience that is built to give players the option to work on a specific piece of their game or get an overall workout in at anytime! 

With offering 3 different levels of difficulty, players are able to modify their workout to fit their skill set and continue to progress after mastering one level.   K-6th has three phases/levels - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced  7-12th - Intermediate - Advanced  

What you get: “Workout of the Week” will drop every Sunday evening. 

This is a once a week video of a full a workout for the player to do for the week (vid is 30 min but the workout for the player will take about an hour).


Once a week guest interview/speaker (different basketball trainers/coaches, weights and nutritional speaker, teachers or guidance counselors, college coaches) 10-20 short videos (5-10min) added every month of different moves, drills and pointers to add to the players workout.  

Challenging dribbling and shooting drillls Videos organized in categories (ball handling, shooting, etc) as well as the option to choose your difficulty (beginner, intermediate or advanced). 

Monthly Payments

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Once you receive a PayPal payment receipt, please send an email to  Login and sign up instructions will be sent to you under a private email for access to video training content.