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2019 TGA Fall Basketball Skills Clinics



Monday: 6:15-7:30PM Salem Academy

Tuesday: 4:30-5:30PM Hope Church, Newburyport 

Wednesday: 6:15-7:30PM Salem Academy

Thursday: 6:15-7:30PM Salem Academy

Saturday: 12-1:15PM Salem Academy

Salem Academy Clinic Details, 16 Lynch St. , Salem 

Monday Sept. 9- Saturday November 23  


Regular pricing:

$500 unlimited workouts 

$290 for 16 workouts 

$160 for 8 workouts 

$90 for 4 workouts 

$25 per workout

Hope Church Clinic Details, 11 Hale Street, Newburyport

              September 10 - November 19  

 Tuesdays Only: 4:30-5:30 

Regular pricing:

$240 full 10 weeks OR 

$30 per workout 

*FALL AAU PLAYERS RECEIVE 50% off of these prices

Training- hard work beats talent when talent fails to work

Group Skills


Group skills is an intense, but modified skills and drills workout that allows each player to work to their own capability both alone and within a group.

What we Do


During the session, we will focus on a variety of different skills needed to become a complete basketball player, such as:

  • ball handling and reaction drills
  • form shooting and footwork 
  • shooting off the dribble/catch & shoot
  • live action 

Learn from a Pro


The workouts and drills we do at TGA are the same workouts Coach Tony has battled through himself to become a D-1 athlete and Pro. If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best!

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