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Tony Gallo Athletics (TGA) strives  for greatness on and off the basketball court. We believe in developing the habits of hard work, discipline, confidence and leadership. All of these attributes are  needed to become a great basketball player. If practiced regularly, these traits  will translate to the way the kids conduct themselves in their community.


What We Do

Here at TGA we train players using college and professional drills. Our player development coaches simplify the basketball training workouts for the younger players, and intensify the drills for the older players. The number one attribute we demand of all players is that they give 100% in everything they do... on and off the court. 


Why TGA?


Coach Tony's passion for skill work and coaching dates back to his high school days, when he coached at Salem State College basketball camps during the summer. He also coached his younger brother‘s Boys and Girls club team to an in-house league championship. With his D-1 and professional experience, his team of  highly skilled trainers/coaches, and obsession for this game, TGA will get you to the next level. 

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